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And so it began........

Home décor is so important to me.  I believe a home is a place  where we can all express and surround ourselves with things that bring happiness and tranquility.   My love for home décor goes as far back as I can remember.   Growing up I would always move my furniture around in my room for a new  fresh look.   I always dreamed of the day that I would have my own home, just so I could decorate it.  When I had my first job I saved a couple paychecks so I could give my Mothers kitchen the surprise makeover of a lifetime .  I was so excited,  "not so sure if she was equally as excited" to come home to a room full of hunter green gingham curtains and sunflower everything.  Cookie jar, flour jar, and  sugar container all in sun flower shape.  At twenty years old I was in my first apartment, and already a Mom, so decorating was not quite in the budget.  That is where my creativity started to form.   I began to find items to transform  from the Salvation Army and thrift shops and add some paint  to create a like new piece.  The hunt, the find, the transformation, I loved it all!  The whole process would leave me feeling uplifted, accomplished, and looking forward to another project.  Now that I have my own home I pretty much treat it like an open canvas.  My husband is very easy going and never seems to mind when he comes home to a staircase painted in a buffalo check pattern, or polka dot a floor.  However he does sometimes say he feels like he fell down the rabbit hole  in Alice and Wonderland.   I take that as a compliment as I adore all things whimsical, I definitely favor farmhouse décor at this time.   As easy going as my husband is, he is not a fan of driving with me at night he thinks I drift off a little too long when taking that right hand turn, especially if there is a beautiful well lit farmhouse on that side.  I have to admit, I am that person, so  you may want to shut your shades.  Although if you happen to be in the way, I'm really not looking at you,  just your chandelier.  

Innovative Designs

Over the years my style has changed slightly from shabby chic, to more a of farmhouse style.  I adore all things whimsical and have a slight obsession with Mora clocks.  I almost have one in every room of my home.  Truth be told I will buy them even if they do not work, I just find them  so esthetically pleasing!

Committed to Quality

Each piece of furniture is unique and tells its own story.  Some of these pieces I actually feel attached to, because I have had the chance to meet its owner.  Its fun to learn the history of the piece, and where it has spent its life.  We have many sources and outlets to purchase the pieces.  Such as estate sales, Craigslist, and Facebook, just to name a few.  I also can transform a piece that you may already have.  Please feel free to reach out if you have a piece that is ready for an update!


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